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We have a common saying in the office, 'video is king', so are you using it? If not, here's why you should.

Vero Beach Social Media
Are You Utilizing Video In Your Social Media Strategy?

First of all, according to Animoto, 93% of brands got a new customer due to video on social media. Also, according to wyzowl, 94% of video marketers say video has helped increased user understanding of their product or service. These are amazing stats, but these arent' even the most important reasons to begin utilizing video in your social media strategy.

As we've said before, social media platforms capture every move you make when you're online, including how much video you watch, and advertisers are able to capture that data and retarget video viewers with subsequent ads. How cool would it be if you could explain your product or service to 100,000 people, then get data that shows that 10,000 people actually watched the entire video, THEN advertise to only those 10,000 people for a call-to-action to actually purchase your product or service...well, it's possible and we do it every day. This is exponentially the most important reason you should be using video as often as possible in your social media strategy.

If you need more information regarding video production, social media strategy, or how to use data for advertising, contact us at Vero Beach Social Media!

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