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Wonder how some companies have really fancy graphics they share on social media? It’s probably Canva. Canva is a free, easy-to-use graphic design tool. There is also a paid version that unlocks features, including a content planner and more design options. You can even link your social media accounts and post from Canva.

Here are some tips for using Canva:

Create your brand kit before you create designs. It’s easy to get carried away with Canva because they offer a variety of templates that can be edited to fit your message. However, it could make your social media look chaotic if you don’t stick to your brand identity. Choose your colors, fonts, and overall aesthetics before you start creating.

Use graphics sparingly. Graphics can be really helpful and fun to look at, but people still want to look at pictures and videos on social media. Graphics should be used to accent your social media, it shouldn’t be the primary source of content on your pages.

If you can afford it, pay for the Pro account. You can probably get by with the free version of Canva, but the Pro version provides so many more options to take your designs to the next level. With the Pro account, you can create a brand kit, use the content calendar to make posting to social media easier, and gain access to more templates, stock photos, as well as more storage.

If you need help with graphic design or a social media strategy, give us a call!

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