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You don’t have to be an expert in video editing to make an engaging video for social media. Some software can be complicated and overwhelming to learn. Capcut is a user-friendly alternative for the beginner video editor. You can edit your videos online, on your desktop, or on your phone!

Did we mention it’s free? While the free version has enough for most people, there is an option for a paid account where you’re able to access more effects.

Here are some tips for using Capcut:

Take advantage of the Resource tab. It can be overwhelming to learn a new skill, but Capcut has a Resource section to help you. Learn how to add captions, create specific types of videos, or how to come up with trending hashtags.

Add captions. Some people scroll through videos with the sound off, so adding captions will make your video more appealing to watch. Capcut auto generates subtitles, so you don’t have to type everything out. It gives you the opportunity to fix any spelling or grammar errors too.

Use the TikTok library. Trending songs can get you more views than music that isn’t trending. They also make your video more entertaining. Edit your videos to trending audios to maximize engagement.

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