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Black Friday is less than a few weeks away, so what does that mean for you, your business, and how you should use social media to market to your consumers?

Black Friday is Coming!

Black Friday (and more recently, Cyber Monday) have made headlines for years, enticing an estimated 72.4 million consumers to spend money the day after Thanksgiving this year. This means there's money to be made if you're selling something. The problem is, you have a ton of competition and you are in danger of falling down some major financial rabbit holes if you're inexperienced in advertising around this time of year.

Nearly all advertising nowadays is done on a bidding much are you willing to pay for a certain space and is it more than everyone else. This system has gone on long before the internet was even a twinkle in Al Gore's eye, but it's even more important nowadays with digital advertising and how 'bidding' can be done in mere milliseconds. It's even more important to understand how expensive ads can cost if you're not targeting the right people. With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you're bidding to hit each person in your target when ad space is available. If your targeting is too broad, it will be cheap; if your targeting is too narrow, it will be, it's super important to find the Goldilocks of advertising when navigating digital waters.

Your best bet is to find a digital agency that has experience in ensuring low CPM's (if you own a business, you advertise, and don't know what that acronym means you need to call us immediately) and your worst bet is clicking the 'Boost Post' button (hint: don't do that).

At Vero Beach Social Media, we have vast experience in helping local Vero Beach businesses spend their digital advertising dollars efficiently and we'd like to help you. Contact us today and get your Black Friday advertising on the right track!

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