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According to one survey, 42.5 percent of participants said they were influence by spelling or grammar mistakes. Read that again. Almost half of people will let a grammatical or spelling mistake influence their decision to support your business.

What can you do about it?

Check your spelling and grammar. Read through your caption a few times. Read it out loud to make sure it sounds right. If you still aren’t sure, consult Google.

Get a second opinion. Have someone else proofread your post. A fresh pair of eyes can pick up mistakes very quickly. They may even have suggestions to get your message across in a more efficient way.

Hire a professional. Writing isn’t for everyone. Hiring someone who is a writing expert can alleviate the pain and suffering that accompanies grammar. Maybe you already have an employee that has an affinity for the written word, ask them for help. If all else fails, hire an outside marketing company.

Need help sharpening your writing skills? Give us a call!

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