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So, Facebook changed its name to Meta, but what’s that mean? Well, let‘s break down the facts first, Facebook, Inc. changed its name, not Facebook the app. Facebook, Inc. (Now ‘Meta’) owns a lot of products. Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Portal, so on and so forth and the reality is they’ll be acquiring more and more throughout the years (our own personal projection is that they’ll own LinkedIn by 2023, but I’ll digress).

It only makes sense that a company like Facebook, Inc. would change their name to imply to users (and probably more importantly to investors) that they DO have other products to offer.

So, the app with 2.4 billion followers? Still Facebook. The company that owns that app, as well as many others? Meta.

We hope this clears up any confusion as we continue to see people (and businesses) in Vero Beach, Florida claim that the app has a new name.

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