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Your logo is an essential part of your company’s brand. Here are some tips to get you started:

Keep it simple. Your logo goes everywhere; your website, social media, brochures, etc. Too many elements, words, or colors can make your logo hard to read depending on how it’s sized on various assets. It could even cause confusion about what your company does. Try sticking to one to three colors. Just use your company’s name in the logo. If you have a slogan you’d like to use, add it under your logo.

Make it readable. You want potential consumers to be able to read and see your logo! Make sure the font and color you choose is easy to read and can be seen using multiple color backgrounds.

Keep it condensed. You want your logo to be able to fit in various locations. Your main logo should be a square or circle shape. You can have a longer logo or other type of variation, so you have options for some marketing materials. For example, a horizontal logo might look better on a pen than a circle. All variations should match the main logo and your branding kit.

Make it make sense. Since your logo represents your business, you want it to make sense to avoid confusion. The elements in your logo should be relevant to your business.

If you want help with logo design, give us a call!

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