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Websites have become a necessity for a business. For many potential customers, it’s their first stop when researching a new product or service. If your website is not easy to use with up to date information, they may leave your website and look at your competition. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing and updating your website:

Your website’s purpose. Are you trying to generate sales or inform your audience? Do you want to entertain your audience or generate leads? If you have more than one goal, you should choose a primary goal to draw inspiration from as you design your website.

Your audience. As with all marketing strategies, you should keep your audience in mind. What is important to them? If they want the ease of shopping online, you should consider an online store. If your audience values written reviews, you should make them easily viewable. If your audience prefers to communicate with the company via chat or email, you can add a chat option or contact form to every page, but be sure someone is getting notifications to respond to your potential customers. This could backfire if nobody answers them.

User experience. Your website should be easy to use. Don’t over complicate your website with too many main pages or subcategories. If your website is too complicated and things aren’t easily found, people will give up and go somewhere else. At the minimum, you should have a home, services/products, about, and contact pages. Most information should fit into these four pages.

Mobile-friendly. Remember the majority of people are browsing your website on their cellphones. Be sure to double check the mobile version of your website for any formatting issues.

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