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How Efficient Is Your Advertising?

When we talk to clients that have used conventional advertising, and specifically those that really like it, we always ask, "How efficient is it?" What we mean by that is, how much of your money is being wasted by not hitting your target audience and how many people aren't seeing the ad you paid for?

How Efficient Is Your Advertising?

If you paid for a newspaper ad, they told you you'd get 'x' amount of impressions, let's say 30,000. That's how many papers they printed. But how many people actually saw your ad on page 8A? Or, when you buy radio spots, they tell you they'll air it 10 times per day. But, do you know how many people were listening to that station at 7:43am and retained the information in your ad?

That's the beautiful thing about social media advertising. We know exactly how many people saw it, exactly how many clicked on it, AND we can target the people YOU want to hit. So, when it comes to spending money on promoting your business, how efficient is your advertising?

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