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We often get asked how often a company should post to their social media. Our answer is as often as you can post QUALITY content on a CONSISTENT schedule.

You want to make sure your social media accounts are up to date with relevant, quality content that encourages your followers to interact with you. If you’re posting content that doesn’t provide value to your followers, they’ll probably hit the unfollow button. Ask them a question in the caption to spark a discussion. Add a poll to an Instagram Story to get your followers to vote. Maybe ask them what they’d like to see from you to get you started.

Come up with a plan that you can stick to and see how your customers respond. Re-evaluate after a couple months and adjust accordingly. Maybe you can add an extra day to your schedule or maybe you notice one type of post isn’t getting much engagement, so you cut back.

Remember, it’s not just about posting. You should be engaging with your consumers by liking and responding to their comments, answering their DMs, and asking them questions.

If you need help with your social media strategy, give us a call!

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