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You know that feeling you get right before you post something to your social media? Wondering if it’s good enough? Wondering if nobody likes it? Picking apart a graphic or picture? Perhaps, moving the elements and changing the colors to make the perfect post?

What ends up happening? A few hours go by, and you still haven’t posted anything. Not to mention the time all this took away from other things you could be doing. We call this paralysis by analysis. We’ve all been there.

Here are some tricks we use to avoid paralysis by analysis:

Get a second opinion. Ask someone else what they think. Maybe they suggest some changes or maybe they think it’s perfect!

Step away from it for an hour and come back to it. Sometimes we are too close to a project. Shifting focus to something else for a little while and coming back with fresh eyes works wonders. Nine times out of ten the post was perfect to begin with, but too much time on a project can give you tunnel vision.

Just post it. Posting something is better than posting nothing. You’re more than likely overthinking it, so just post it. If people don’t engage with your post, figure out why, and do better next time.

Need more help avoiding analysis by paralysis? Give us a call!

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