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As our in-house music connoisseurs will tell you, music is important! This carries over to the sound you choose to use on your social media videos. With the right sound, you can use beat drops for video transitions, evoke certain emotions, and even help your video get found.

That’s right! The sound you put to your Facebook or Instagram Reels and TikTok videos can put you in front of more people. These sounds are called trending sounds.

How do you know if a sound is trending? Instead of a music note, there’s an arrow to show that it’s a trending sound.

How do I search for trending sounds? You can scroll your video feed to find a sound you like and look for the arrow. You can search keywords, check under the audio tab, and click on a specific sound. When you tap the sound, it should tell you if it’s trending and how many reels have used that sound.

If you need help with social media management, give us a call!

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