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Andrew is the Digital Media Director at Vero Beach Social Media. After spending 15 years in the restaurant industry, he went back to school for a degree in digital media and web design. While working on his degree, Andrew started interning for a marketing company creating social media ads. He enjoyed what he was doing so much, he decided to stay on with the company full-time after he graduated. When Curtis started Vero Beach Social Media, Andrew was there to help him open the doors.

In his role as the Digital Media Director, Andrew is responsible for website design and maintenance, as well as video production, which includes storyboarding, filming, and editing. His favorite part of his job is forming connections for our clients through video editing. He enjoys the reaction of our clients when they see the finished project, whether it’s laughter or tears because he pulled on their heart strings.

Social media is ever evolving and trends can change by the minute. The most challenging part of his job is balancing the clients vision for the finished product with what will perform well across all social media platforms.

Andrew’s advice to companies creating their own content is to remember to wipe off your phone’s camera. Fingerprints can cause glare and make your picture or video a lot less clear. If you need help with making quality video, give us a call!

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