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Ashlee is the Marketing Assistant at Vero Beach Social Media. Ashlee is a Coast Guard veteran with a background in human resources, nonprofit management, and victim services. She took a step back from working with victims to find a new career path and she found marketing. While getting her marketing degree, she started working at Vero Beach Social Media as an intern, but once she finished, she began working with us full-time!

As the Marketing Assistant, Ashlee is responsible for planning, creating, and posting content to our clients social media platforms, including managing the Meta ads. She ensures they are running without interruption. She also writes the blog, dabbles in graphic design, and helps the team whenever she can.

Her favorite part of her job is seeing something she worked on online or around town. Her biggest challenge in her role, which is a common challenge among writers, is writer’s block. Luckily, she has access to a team of creative minds that help her overcome it quickly!

Ashlee’s writing advice is to read what you wrote out loud to check for mistakes and consult with your favorite search engine to check your grammar, if you aren’t sure. If you need help with copywriting, give us a call!

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