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Curtis Carpenter is the Founder and President of Vero Beach Social Media. After spending 15 years as an X-ray Technologist, he moved into local political consulting. During his time working on campaigns, he discovered digital advertising and realized there weren’t any companies in the area that specialized in it, so he started one!

In his role as President, Curtis is responsible for business development, managing the finances, employee management, and overall well-being of the company. Having lived in Vero Beach most of his life, he has witnessed businesses consistently falling short of current trends. His favorite part of the job is watching our clients’ businesses grow in the 21st century as they apply our strategies to their marketing plans.

Our industry is very dynamic and always changing. A lot of business owners don’t understand how they can make the Internet their most powerful business growth tool. The biggest challenge he faces is educating potential clients on the power of digital marketing, but when it clicks, it’s very rewarding for Curtis.

Curtis’ advice to business owners when it comes to digital marketing is to just start! A lot of business owners get paralysis by analysis. The best thing you can do is start, then be consistent. You'll figure out how to get better at it and if you don' us!

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