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Madison Votzi is a Social Media Manager and newest member of the VBSM team! She graduated from Vero Beach High School and went to the University of Southern Florida for two years for graphic design before moving back to Vero Beach to start working. She felt her love of art and design made marketing a practical way to use her passion.

Madison is a Social Media Manager, which means she’s in charge of multiple social media accounts for multiple local companies. Her responsibilities include planning social media content and creating graphics, reels, and captions for our clients. Her favorite part of her job is to be creative and make new graphics for the accounts she works on.

Her biggest challenge is coming up with new ideas every month that are different from what’s been made before. Luckily, she has a team that can help her brainstorm new concepts!

She has a few recommendations to take your social media posts to the next level. Post consistent, quality content; don’t just post something because you have it. Be sure to edit your pictures. You can do this on your phone, you don’t need fancy software!

If you need help with social media management, give us a call!

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