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Social media platforms can be overwhelming. We wanted to make it a little more whelming by breaking down each of the features available on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube over seven weeks. We’ll talk format, length, location, and life span, so you can make the most out of what the social media platforms have to offer.

This week we’re talking about Instagram and Facebook Reels.

What’s a Reel? A Reel is Instagram’s version of a TikTok. Reels are now also available on Facebook. Reels are 30-60 second videos located on your feed and under your Reels tab of your profile. People, even if they aren’t following you, can see your Reel while they scroll through their Reel feed on their phone. The format is the same as a story, 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall. Once posted, they reside permanently on your profile.

What do Reels do? They’re entertaining. People can spend hours scrolling through Reels. They can help you get more reach and new followers. High-performing Reels can help you reach new followers and bring new customers to your profile. We’ve seen reels get over 21,000 views in a few hours. It was viewed by over 21,000 and it only cost the time it took to make the 20 second video.

What should you make a Reel about? Pretty much anything. Show off your products. Make a funny video introducing the people in your office. Show off your makeup skills. Jump on a dance trend! Talk about your services. Is there a question you always get from your customers? Make a Reel answering the question! You can add music or a voiceover. Scroll through Reels yourself to get inspiration. Be sure to add a few hashtags to get some extra reach.

If you want to learn more about Facebook and Instagram Lives, check out next week’s blog!

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