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Social media platforms can be overwhelming. We wanted to make it a little more whelming by breaking down each of the features available on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube over seven weeks. We’ll talk format, length, location, and life span, so you can make the most out of what the social media platforms have to offer.

This week we’re talking about Facebook Events.

What’s an Event? Facebook Events is a tool that allows businesses and users to make a page for their events. People can learn about your event, RSVP, and interact with other people that may be attending your event. When someone marks that they are going or interested that person’s friend list can see the event too. People can add the event to their calendar, so they don’t miss it! It’s a great way to make people aware of an event you’re hosting.

What should you include in the event? As much information as you would want to know if you were attending an event. Date, time, and location is a good start. You should include a photo or graphic and a brief description. Remember to include any fees in the description. The photo you use for the event should be 1920px wide by 1005px tall.

When should you create an event? Whenever you have an event! If you’re having an opening for your new office, create an event. Having a sale? Create an event. If you’re a brewery with weekly bingo or trivia? Create events. You can even target your audience with Ads Manager to get more engagement.

We’re switching it up next week to talk about YouTube videos, so stay tuned!

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