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We have conversations with businesses in Vero Beach all the time about the difference between passive marketing and direct marketing.

The best analogy we can give is pretend like it’s 1986. Passive marketing use techniques such as billboards, newspaper ads, and radio ads. Direct marketing would be the Yellow Pages. In 2022, passive marketing has been taken over by platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Direct marketing has been taken over by Google.

Every business loves the idea of direct marketing…a customer finds you, they call, you close the deal, and you get paid, but very much like marketing for centuries before the age of the internet, passive marketing is a crucial piece of making sure people know YOU’RE the business to call. It’s branding.

Social media platforms are perfect places to establish your business as the expert in your field. How-to videos, blogs, and descriptions on how your industry works are great ways to make sure that when someone needs your product or service, you’re the first business they think of.

If you need assistance in capturing content or coming up with ideas on passive marketing, or if you have the budget for direct marketing, give us a call at Vero Beach Social Media. We love helping local businesses in Vero Beach with their social media needs.

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