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Do you obsess over what your captions should say? Don’t let writer’s block stop you from posting to social media.

Keep it simple and relevant. Make sure the caption has something to do with the picture or video you’re posting. Try to use the least amount of words possible to get your point across. Think about the reason you’re posting what you’re posting as you write your caption.

Grab their attention. Social media only shows a line or two of the caption. If your caption is a little longer, you want to make sure that you are grabbing your audience’s attention in that first sentence.

Check spelling and grammar. Don’t forget to proofread! People pick up grammatical and spelling mistakes. If you’re not sure where an apostrophe goes or if it’s affect or effect, consult your favorite search engine. Read it out loud to yourself. You’d be surprised how many mistakes you’ll catch when you read it out loud. If you’re still second guessing yourself, ask a friend or co-worker to double check your work.

If you need help with your copywriting, give us a call!

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