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We all love the Christmas lights, big meals, and family surroundings this time of the year, but there is definitely a downside to the holidays...the cost of digital advertising.

The Downside To The Holidays

The entire world begins their year-end push around Thanksgiving and that means more expensive advertising for everyone. This is especially true on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Digital advertisers work on a bidding system, basically awarding the highest bidder ads on open inventory. In May, June, and July inventory is really high and demand is rather low, however when everyone is itching to get their products to the masses, inventory gets eaten up and bids go through the roof, resulting in increased costs.

So, the solution to this is to really narrow down your target audience and ensure that you're not wasting a penny on an audience that isn't interested in your product or service. If you're unsure how to do that, contact us at Vero Beach Social Media. We're always happy to help!

Happy Holidays!

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