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Did you know the average person spends 33 minutes per day on Facebook? 32 on TikTok, 31 on Twitter, 29 on Instagram and 28 on Snapchat...That's over two and a half hours per day on social media. On average. A lot of people do more. Sound insane? Absolutely. Sound like a waste of time? For sure. Sound like money? Cha-freaking-ching.

Vero Beach Social Media
The Greatest Value in Marketing History

Every like, every comment, every share, every...everything gets documented by these platforms. Literally. Everything. Stop scrolling and watch a video for 3 seconds? Documented. Click to make a photo bigger? Documented. Typed a comment about your grandchild's breakfast? Documented. Documented. Documented. And all of this documentation goes into an alphanumerically named folder that represents you, and that alphanumerically named folder is shared with advertisers. So, advertisers don't know it's Sally Jones that lives on 5th St. SW that drives a BMW and has 3 kids, ages 4, 9, and 13, that works as an attorney on 19th avenue that likes HGTV, cooking articles, FSU football, and Harry Potter books, but Facebook does. And they let advertisers send very specific ads to Mrs. Jones and anyone else on social media.

This might sound like the spookiest thing you've ever read, and it is...but it's also the most valuable tool in advertising history. Own a small boutique and you want to advertise to women, 25-44, that have purchased clothes online in the last 60 days, and like Sephora? Done. Own a new brewery in town and want to target males, 21-55 that are fans of craft beers? Simple. Run a non-profit based on kids athletics and want to reach parents of kids 5-14 that are interested in sports? Easy.

No more wasting time hoping your ideal customer picks up a magazine (that you spent thousands of dollars in), heard your ad on some obscure radio station (who listens to radio anymore?), or saw your ad on television at 3:00am in between infomercials (Lol @ infomercials). You can know down to the 'nth' degree who is seeing your ads and the kicker? You can re-target them. That's right. You can create an introductory video, send it to a wide range of prospective customers, then send a second video to only the people that watched the first one. I'll repeat, there has never been a greater value in marketing history.

Want to learn more? Contact us at Vero Beach Social Media. We're experts in this type of marketing and have helped dozens of businesses in Vero Beach advertise to the exact audience they're trying to hit without wasting a dime.

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