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Taking photos to post on social media can be overwhelming. It can be easy to overanalyze your picture because you aren’t sure how it will perform. Don’t forget to clean your phone’s camera lens before you start taking pictures!

Pay attention to framing. Try using the rule of thirds. Your smart phone has a grid of two horizontal and two vertical lines, use them. Don’t center your subject, but line it up with where those lines intersect.

Pick your focal point. Tap your subject on your phone’s camera to bring it into focus. Try not to zoom too much. It can make the photo blurry or grainy. It’s also better to have more in your picture than less. You can always crop your picture before you post it.

Change your angles. Try taking pictures from different angles. Don’t be so focused on your subject that you don’t look at the surroundings. Look around, you could be missing an amazing picture because you’re focused on your phone's screen.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your photography. You never know what might work!

If you need help with photography, give us a call!

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