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Graphics aren’t just for social media. They are often used for marketing events, educating potential customers on various products or services, and getting your message across quickly.

No matter the type of graphic you are creating, keep these three things in mind:

Be consistent with your branding. Use your colors, fonts, and logo on your graphics. You want them to be branded to your company. You want your audience to know where the graphic came from.

Keep it short, sweet, and easy to read. You don’t want your graphic to be too busy. Keep your message as short and to the point as possible. Be sure your text can be easily read. Play around with your company’s colors and transparent backgrounds to find the most readable and visually appealing combination.

Be strategic about where information is placed. You want to intrigue your audience to keep reading. If you’re working on a brochure, put something that will grab their attention on the front page and get them to continue flipping. Do the same with your social media graphic. Use the graphic to grab their attention and put most of the details in the caption.

If you need help with your graphics, give us a call!

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