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Do you wait until the last minute to post something? Do you feel like you’re wasting precious time on your social media when you could be crossing things off your to do list?

Instead of scrambling at the last minute, plan your social media content into your schedule. Take a couple of hours at the end of the month to plan out your content for next month, create it, and then schedule it.

Here are some tools to help you organize your social media content:

Plan with a content calendar. You can use the calendar on your computer, go old school with a desktop/wall calendar or get fancy with HubSpot’s free content calendar.

Create with content creation tools. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to use some of these content creation tools.

Schedule your planned posts with Facebook. Did you know that you can schedule out your posts to Facebook AND Instagram using Facebook? Well, you can! Here’s how.

If you need help planning, creating, or scheduling your social media content, give us a call!

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