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Imagine having the ability to have a conversation with all of your potential customers 24/7. Utilizing data through social media allows you to build stronger customer relationships. You can expound on that with engaging content that creates great customer experiences and allows you to connect social technology behind the scenes. Combining customers’ social media history with data from other channels can give your business a complete view of customers they can use to deliver more relevant engagement.

Vero Beach Social Media - Building A Foundation
Vero Beach Social Media - Building A Foundation

It all starts with traffic to your website. You can utilize things like the Facebook Pixel to retarget people that have visited your website. Setting up the pixel is as easy as copying and pasting onto the backend of your site. You can also use existing lists of clients to target to. Simply compile an excel list of your clients, utilizing the data points that platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook require, and you're off retargeting the people that know your business best...existing customers.

There are a ton of ways to communicate and re-engage with your customers through social media. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact us at Vero Beach Social Media at (772) 999-6636 or email us at

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