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TikTok is huge among the Gen Z population. Over 50% of users are ages 18 to 24. If your target demographic is in this age group, getting on TikTok might be something to consider.

If you do decide you want to start a company TikTok account, keep these things in mind:

Be sure to post consistently. As with any social media platform, consistency is key when it comes to posting. You want to stay in front of your audience and be put in front of potential customers.

Keep your brand in mind. Think about your mission, values, and brand when coming up with TikTok content. Is your idea in line with your values? If not, you might want to evaluate your content strategy.

Provide something of value to your audience. It’s not just about reaching as many people as possible, you also want your audience engaged, whether it’s liking or sharing a post. Provide them with knowledge about your company; don’t just advertise to them.

We’ve said it before, so we’ll say it again. Your company does NOT have to be on every social media platform. You should pick a few platforms that best fit your business, your target audience, and your capabilities.

If you want help with TikTok, give us a call!

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