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Drone footage is traditionally used by real estate and construction companies to show off properties and projects. However, drone footage can take any company’s video to a whole new level.

How can drone footage help your videos? Glad you asked.

Location, location, location. Is your business hard to find? Show your customers where you are, using drone video.

A little something something. There is something about a slow pan over a roof to reveal the ocean hits a little different. Seeing a building and its surrounding area from a different angle can leave your customers in awe.

It just looks really cool. Exhibit A:

Need we say more?

Now that we convinced you that you need to go out to buy a drone. We need to stop you right there. Not just anybody can put a drone in the air, you need to be a Licensed Drone Operator for commercial usage. As luck would have it, we are FAA Part 107 Licensed Operators with multiple drones, so you don’t have to waste your time or money learning a new skill.

Need a licensed drone pilot to take your videos to the new heights? Give us a call!

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