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Have you ever made a purchase from a company’s website and then notice an increase in advertisements for that business on your social media? That’s a pixel doing its job!

A Facebook pixel is placed in the website’s code on all the pages, so when someone visits or takes an action on your website, Facebook will put your ads in front of that person to encourage them to make a purchase or continue to make purchases on your website.

Why would adding a pixel to your website be beneficial? The benefits of a pixel, according to Meta, are:

Optimize delivery to people likely to take action. Spend your money on the people most likely to purchase your products or services.

Create custom audiences from website visitors. Automatically retarget customers to remind them of the products they may not have purchased.

Learn about your website traffic. Gather insights about how people use your website to continue to make improvements.

That person looked at your website for a reason, a pixel makes sure they don’t forget about you! The Facebook pixel is another way for you to measure how people interact with your business, so you can implement changes that better your business.

Need help adding a pixel to your website? Give us a call!

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