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A marketing persona is a specific, fictional representation of your target audience. The persona should include demographics (age, gender, salary, education, & family), occupation and career details, as well as personal goals and values.

A marketing persona can help develop your marketing plan by giving you a better idea of what your target audience needs from your product, service, or marketing strategies.

Here’s an example of a persona in action:

Imagine a company that provides educational toys for children five and under. The company’s target audience is moms between the ages of 25-35 with children under the age of five. A possible persona for this target audience is:

Christine is a 30-year-old female. She is married with 2 children, ages 1 and 4. She is a stay at home mom who left her job as a CPA after her first child was born four years ago. She has a bachelor’s degree in finance. Once her children are in school, she plans to return to her career. The household’s income is $80,000 a year. She values family, health, and education. Before she buys any toys for her children, she researches the company’s website and social media pages, checks reviews, and compares pricing. A company’s social responsibility is important to Christine.

With this information, you may decide to highlight your company’s charitable work on your website and social media. Your marketing campaign could show the children playing with their parents instead of alone. You may also decide to focus on the education benefits of your product. Since the persona checks social media, it would be beneficial to include a social media strategy as a part of your marketing plan.

If you need help developing a persona, give us a call!

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