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You’re reading it right now! That’s right, a blog! One of the biggest benefits of blogging on a regular basis is improving your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The Google algorithm looks for websites that are updated frequently using keywords consumers typically use while they scour the Internet for answers to their questions.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s some tips to get your blog started:

Answer a question. Are there any frequently asked questions you get for your customers? Use the blog to answer it. If your customers are asking, other people might be asking too. If you give potential consumers an answer to one question, they might come to you for more.

Use simple language. You are an expert in your field, your consumer probably is not! Someone who doesn’t understand your technical jargon might get overwhelmed and find a company that makes them feel more comfortable, so use layperson language and keep it simple.

Keep it short and use those keywords. You do not have to write a novel. One to two paragraphs will do perfectly fine, but make sure you’re using the keywords that your consumers might be using to search for you.

Want more tips and tricks? Give us a call!

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