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This is a pretty common question asked by Facebook users, specifically by people that are thinking of creating one of these. Let's help you answer the differences, and which one you should make.

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What's the Difference Between a Page and a Group?

First, let's differentiate between a Facebook personal profile (often called a page) and a Facebook business page. Your Facebook personal profile is what you're logging onto when you get on Facebook and that's where you send friend requests and see what your grandkids are having for breakfast. It's in fact...personal.

Now, a business page is exactly that, for business! Whether you're a payroll company ('sup AYS Employee Leasing) or you sell air conditioners (here's a shoutout Barker A/C) or even if you're a non-profit organization (think Little League) or a brand (Hi SarahLouWho), all of these should have business pages. Business pages give you tons of insights, allow you to have followers (not friends), allow you to advertise (hint, hint), and keeps your personal life separated from your business life.

Ok, those are the differences between personal pages and business pages...but what about groups?!?! Facebook defines a Group as, "a place to communicate about shared interests with certain people. You can create a group for anything - your family reunion, your after-work sports team or your book club." So, groups are...groups? Yes. Which can be beneficial to your business!!!! Imagine owning a gym (Vero Fitness...we're calling you out!) and creating a group of members (and non-members) that like to work out. Or, if you're a Country Club that's trying to get new members, you can create a group of avid golfers. The possibilities are really endless.

The biggest benefits of a group are that you certainly have the interest and attention of your group members, and if you're in a group you're seeing EVERYTHING that's posted in the group. THAT'S FREE ADVERTISING!!! It's a great way to have conversations with your clients/customers and be engaging with an incredibly potent audience.

So, are you creating a business page, a group...or both?!?!

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