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Something to consider when planning and creating content for your social media pages is the reason people are following you in the first place. According to Marketing Profs, the two main reasons consumers follow a company on social media are to learn about their products/services and to be entertained. Other reasons include staying up to date on company news, to learn about promotions or discounts, and to communicate with the brand.

Here are some tips to incorporate the reasons consumers follow your company into your social media content strategy:

Teach your consumers about your products/services. Share a photo, video, or simple graphic to inform your followers of any new products, discounts, or promotions you have going on. You can show people how to use your product in a video, explain your services in a simple graphic, or maybe post a picture of a new product!

Be entertaining. The easiest way to entertain your audience is to post a short and engaging reel. Create reels of you making or using your products, educating your audience on your services, or answering a frequently asked question.

Communicate with your followers. We’ve said it before, don’t neglect your DMs and comment section! People are engaging with you, so engage back. Give their comment a like or a quick response back. People don’t like being ignored, the same goes for your followers.

If you need help with social media management, give us a call!

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