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We've heard the question numerous times, "Why does Vero Beach Social Media vlog? What's the purpose?" Well, there's a lot more to the benefits of vlogging than you might think.

First off, if you haven't seen any of our vlogs, you can find them all by clicking here. Every Sunday, we release a 'video blog' of our happenings throughout the previous week. It usually starts with Curtis or Andy giving a preview of what we expect to do during the week, then it's various shots of us filming, recording, creating Facebook or Instagram ads, or simply joking with each other or capturing the happenings around Vero Beach.

The question though is, why? Well, this does a few things for us internally. It ensures we always have a camera handy (which is incredibly helpful when capturing content for our clients), it gives true and honest insight into our company which is something we think clients and potential clients appreciate, and it gives us content to post on our own social media platforms (basically prevention of the cobbler kid's shoes analogy). One other benefit, and something this could help every company, is that it gives us something to look back on to learn from. Social media marketing is an incredibly dynamic field and learning the right way to change can make or break a firm.

So, if you come across one of our numerous vlogs and you wonder don't have to anymore! If you stumble across one of the vlogs and like what you see, we love hearing from you so go ahead and comment on what you like (or don't like...we get those too). Maybe next week, you'll be in it!

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