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Did you know that when you post to your business' Facebook page, you're only going to hit 8%-10% of your followers?

Why You Should Be Paying Facebook...

That's because Facebook figured out a loooooonnnnnng time ago that they have a very, and I mean VERY, valuable platform. Every time you click 'Like', watch a video, comment on your friend's cute puppy photo, Facebook is cataloging those actions and building a profile for you. They then, give advertisers like us, the ability to advertise to you based on your actions on their site. For instance, we're big baseball people over here at Vero Beach Social Media, so if you're the Los Angeles Dodgers, and you want to sell some jerseys, they can target us based on our actions of always looking at Dodger content on social media, and make sure they're hitting the right folks instead of some stupid, ugly, disgusting Giants fans.

This sounds incredibly creepy (and it is), until you realize that YOU have this ability as well. Own a business that sells lawn mowers? (Shout out Jordan Mowers) You can advertise to people that have been clicking, watching, and reading about lawn mowers on Facebook. Own a gym? ('sup Vero Fitness) You can advertise to people that have been exploring what gyms they should join...I think you get the point.

The point really is, you have the ability to target literally anybody you want, through the largest social media platform in known existence. So, why aren't you doing it? If you think you might, hit us up at Vero Beach Social Media. We'd love to help.

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