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You may have seen the Boost button on your Facebook feed. As tempting as it looks, we don’t recommend it. Let us explain!

You don’t get as many targeting options. You have a very limited audience when you boost a post. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, create your ad using Meta Ads Manager. You have more audience options with ads, so your ad is more likely to hit your target audience than if you boost it.

You’re limiting the places people see it. With boosted posts, you can choose if your audience sees it on Instagram, but there are so many options when you use Ads Manager. You can choose placements in Facebook Feed side ads, Messenger ads, Instagram stories, instant articles, and Audience Network.

You’re missing out on creative and format options. With Ads Manager, you can design an ad to better meet your goals. You can create carousel ads, add specific descriptions, or add a call-to-action button to entice your audience to take action!

Need help with your Facebook ads? Give us a call at 772-999-6636!

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