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Thinking about starting a new company? Here are some things you’ll need to get your marketing efforts started:

Branding Kit. A branding kit is essential for your marketing. The branding kit includes your logo, your color scheme, the fonts you’ll use, and tone you want to set for your captions as well as graphics. When in doubt, refer to your branding kit. People recognize when you’re consistent and will come to recognize your company faster.

Google My Business. The first stop for a consumer looking at a new company is Google. Creating a business account and verifying the business are the first steps. Once you’ve been verified, you should put as much information as possible on your profile, so your consumers don’t have to go out of their way to find anything.

Website. Consumers usually first look at your digital presence, which includes your website. If you don’t have a website, they might not think of you as a legitimate company. You don’t have to be too fancy, just focus on the basics.

Social Media. Your social media is another digital stop for consumers. They look at what you post and what your comment section looks like. Social media can be a lot of extra work when you’re starting a new business. Don’t get on every platform. Pick one or two to get you started. Think about your target audience. If they are moms 35-40 years old, start an Instagram. If they are men and women 55+ years old, start a Facebook page.

If you need help developing your marketing assets, give us a call!

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