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Vero Beach Social Media presents

Social Media for Businesses

About The Course

This is a one-time, six hour course going over all the ins and outs of what you should be doing on social media as a business owner. From a complete overview of five different platforms, to creating branding kits, implementing strategy, content creation, advertising, and so much more. You will leave this course with all the tools and knowledge to generate a successful social media footprint for your business.

Our next course is being held Thursday, December 14th at offices of Vero Beach Social Media. Register for the course below by clicking below.

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Who Should Take This Course?

If you're a business owner, or handle social media accounts for your business, and you're not quite sure what to do, this class is probably for you. Whether you are relatively new to social media or even if you have dabbled on different platforms for awhile, there's something for everyone.

What Can I Expect?

This course is completed in a single day in our office from 9:00am - 2:00pm. We limit the course to five participants to ensure complete comprehension by all attendees. You will be provided with a workbook and a quick reference guide. Bagels, refreshments, and a light lunch provided. The cost to attend is $499.

"I knew literally nothing about Facebook before taking this course. It didn't feel rushed and allowed for questions and follow up and now I have the resources and the information I need to be able to market my business."  -- Ray Rosado, Owner, PostNet

Course Samples

Social Media for Businesses
Social Media for Businesses
Social Media for Businesses
Social Media for Businesses

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